In this course, I'll teach you a complete set of professional techniques for creating bold, expressive watercolor paintings.

We begin with the California Style, a fantastically simple technique used by professional watercolor artists to bring depth, expression, and nuance to your watercolor paintings. We'll then move on to new techniques and progress step-by-step. I'll be right there—I've taught thousands of students and will make sure you progress with confidence and speed.

No experience needed and no student ever left behind!

As a professional landscape artist, I've painted thousands of watercolor paintings and studied hundreds of books from the old classical masters and those who have shaped our Modern Times.

In this course, you'll learn everything you need to know about painting watercolor: materials to buy, how to choose the right subject matter, and the essential techniques that professionals like me use everyday.

The course begins with a simple technique that is going to change how you think about watercolor: the California Style.

In my studio and in the field, I use this technique to paint rocks, skies, reflective water, and bring bold, expressive movement to my art.

By the end of this course, you'll be able to:

  • Create bold and expressive watercolors with a simple mastery of the California Style
  • Learn the secrets to getting depth and expression to your watercolor paintings, used by professional artists
  • Relax and learn—you'll never be left behind and no experience and I'll walk you through everything

In my 30 years of painting, I've discovered that 90% of professional watercolor painters use 3 techniques: The No Drips, No Slips; The California Style, and The Ink and Wash. We'll cover all of these, plus lots of tips, techniques, and secrets spilled along the way.

Each video is easy to follow.